DJO Bone Growth Stimulators

DJO, also known as Don Joy, manufacturers both long bone and spinal bone growth stimulators to treat a wide range of non-union, delayed union, or spinal fusions. These units are commonly covered under medical insurance when the medical requirements are met for a patient’s insurance plan.

DJO bone stimulators use CMF technology to stimulate healing of fractured bones. CMF is a form of inductive electromagnetic technology that combines a sinusoidal waveform that emits a frequency of 76 Hz against a static electric field. [1, 2] CMF produces a signal that travels through tissue to target bone healing by stimulating osteoblast cells and Igf2 which is a protein integral for bone healing. CMF also increases bone cells through stimulation of mitosis or cell division, which naturally occurs every 24 hours.

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DJO spinalogic stimulator

DJO Stimulator Types

DJO offers two models of a CMF bone stimulator.

OL-1000 Stimulator: Noninvasive treatment of an established nonunion fracture acquired secondary to trauma, excluding all vertebrae and flat bones.

SpinaLogic Stimulator: Indicated as an adjunct electromagnetic treatment to primary lumbar spinal fusion surgery for one or two levels.

Indications: CMF is a suitable option for noninvasive treatment of fractures that have been diagnosed as nonunion following trauma.

Contraindications: Patients with Synovial Pseudoarthrosis should not be considered for this treatment. This treatment should not be used for vertebra or flat bones, including the skull, ribs, sternum, scapula and pelvic bones. The magnetic field from this device may disrupt certain types of pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator. This device should never be placed near a pacemaker or if any fixation devices and or implants contain magnetic material.

Use: Treatment is easy to administer; device is portable and battery powered. With the push of 1 button device delivers steady signal. Recommended treatment time is 30 minutes per day. Device has built in patient record keeping which increases compliance. Can be worn comfortably over casts or fixation devices.

Healing Rates

The rates of healing for common fractures are detailed in the chart.

DJO Heal Rate DJO bone stimulator rates of healing.


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