About Us

About Us

Many patients break a bone and heal as they should. A temporary inconvenience. But for some patients (estimates are 1-3%) their fractures do not heal as expected. Options include continuing to wait, surgery, or non-invasive treatments like a bone growth stimulator. 

Managing a fracture that won’t heal isn’t an every day occurrence and for many healthcare providers it’s not a common situation. When surgery isn’t an option for a physician a bone growth stimulator can help patients with the challenging fractures. 

Managing insurance coverage, choosing an appropriate product, and having a trained service representative to place each unit is complicated. This is why we founded Bone Growth Stimulators.com – to make the process simpler. We provide product from leading manufacturers and work with top billing companies to ensure providers have access to the best products and financial resources.

Our team is staffed by veterans in the durable medical equipment and healthcare service fields work aggressively with insurance companies to obtain coverage. In addition we provide access to financial consideration programs for patients whose insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a unit.

We are the only online provider of bone growth stimulators and use only a U.S. based staff. Our network of providers comply with all federal and state guidelines.